Introduction—Creative Tongue Reading

Tongue reading is one of the special diagnosis methods in TCM, with thousands years history, it is still applied in clinical diagnosis. Clinical application proved that, compared with other diagnostic methods, tongue diagnosis has its unique value in identification of syndromes and relevant treatments. Through the observation of tongue manifestation, we can discern various aspects of human body in pathological and physical conditions.

The BSM Tongue Reading has been distilled from decades of proven clinical practice, study, research and Dr. Guo’s personal yang sheng practice (self-cultivation). Over the last decades, these creative tongue reading methods have been extensively tested, refined and proven in his clinic with thousands of successful patient evaluation and treatments.

The tongue is the hologram of the whole body. It is not suffice to say it corresponds with the organ system but it would be more correct to say it correspond with the cells group. The BSM states the tongue body represents the substance inside the cells and tongue coating is represented the energy outside the cells. Utilization of this Substance and Energy concept of BSM during the tongue reading provides an instruction to follow or guide you to see the root cause of the illness and not the name of disease, and therefore practitioner will not be limited to the name of disease, only looking at the symptoms. This concept simplified the medical theory and the treatment method. One remarkable characteristic is combined with the modern scientific technology, using digital camera to take tongue photo and then put into the computer, so observe the tongue characteristics through computer. The more clear and accurate tongue picture in the computer provides stability and convenience for practitioner.

In all, our intent is that anyone studying this material will quickly understand the key principles, wisdom and knowledge and immediately be able to apply them to benefit others.

The Key Points Of This Creative Tongue Reading

1. Tongue reflects a homunculus of organs similar to the pre and prost central gyrus.
2. Tongue reflects the energy and fluid situation in the body.
3. Diagnosis is simple, quick and powerful.
4. The form of the tongue shows the conditions of the corresponding organs and of the substance
  in the cells.
5. The coating of the tongue shows the conditions of energy in the body space.
6. Illness of an organ produces specific abnormality in corresponding area on tongue. The reading
  identifies the location of the root of illness.

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