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Dr. Guo discovered that there is one crucial energy vertical circulation cycle – The Cyclical Revolution (gong zhuan), which has a profound effect on stimulating energy blockages, lowering and reducing the high density and concentration around the affected area. The more smoothly energy flows in the space, the more healthy you are.

The Cyclical Revolution (Gong Zhuan)

The Cyclical Revolution refers to the large-scale movement of energy as it continuously circulates or orbits vertically about the body.

The Path Of The Cyclical Revolution

Know about the following significant acupuncture points in the anterior and posterior:

1. The anterior midline of the body (from down to up)

Hui Yin (CV 1)  Guan Yuan (CV 4)  Qi Hai (CV 6)  Zhong Wan (CV 12)         Shan Zhong (CV 17)  Tian Tu (CV 22)  Bai Hui (GV20 )

2. The posterior midline of the body (from up to down)

Ya Men (GV15 )  Da Zhui (GV14 )  Ming Men (GV4 )  Wei Lv ( Tailbone )V20 )

The energy flowing through all the above acupuncture points, rises up the anterior midline and down in the posterior of the body, starts from Hui Yin and ends at Hui Yin in vertical circle.

The Difference Between The Cyclical Revolution And Toaist’s Xiao Zhou Tian

1. Difference In Width

The Cyclical Revolution is wider by two Cun, as it extends two Cuns to the left and 2 Cuns to the right of the body midline, on both its upward and downward segments.

2. Difference In Flowing Direction

The Cyclical Revolution flows up in the frontal body and down in the back of the body. On the contrast, energy flows down in the frontal body and up in the back of the body.

3. Difference In Function

The Cyclical Revolution is responsible for treating disease, because any root cause of disease can be found in the pathway of the Cyclical Revolution.

The Importance Of The Cyclical Revolution

1. The Cyclical Revolution can be used to adjust the transformation of matter and energy in the
 organs, the cells and the body spaces.
2. The smooth and unimpeded the Cyclical Revolution is the goal for all treatment and able to heal
 the entire body effectively.
3. Every part of the body along the Cyclical Revolution pathway serves as the driving force for the
 area downstream and also provides an exit for the area upstream on the route.

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