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Vital Difference From TCM

1. In TCM, with observation of tongue, the situation of individual organ is diagnosed, and therapeutic
 is chosen according certain organs performance.
 BSM tongue reading focus on energy movement in the body space. The energy deficiency and
 efficiency is the key point for choosing treatment methods.

2. TCM tongue reading focus on the root of the tongue, because the kidney nourishment is one of
 the most important targets in the TCM treatment.
 BSM tongue reading focus on the tip of the tongue, because the tip of the tongue plays the
 core role for smooth Cyclical Revolution (gong zhuan).

3. TCM tongue reading mentioned San Jiao, which is Upper Jiao, Middle Jiao and Lower Jiao. Within
 San Jiao, Middle Jiao is greatly focused due to it connects the Upper and Lower Jiao, perform as 
 an assistant for qi ascending and descending.

4. TCM identified the tongue coating represents stomach qi.
 BSM defines that tongue body represents substance inside cell, tongue coating represents energy
 outside cell.

5. In TCM, through the observation of tongue, body condition is distinguished by the condition of qi
 and blood.
 BSM tongue reading distinguished body condition in cell’s expansion and contraction by tongue
 body and coating.

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