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Read Tongue By One Glance

The image of normal tongue can be defined as follows:

The tongue size is medium.
The tongue body can move around freely in the mouth.
The tongue surface is proper moist, there is no pits and bumps.
The tongue coating is in light white color.

Combined with the TCM Tongue Reading and Dr. Guo’s clinical observation, he summarized the key points of tongue reading by one glance in 5 expressions as follows:

The height of tip of tongue

The tip of tongue represents the connection with the Upper Jiao and Back Jiao, it is close relative to the function of light energy ascends and turbid energy descends.

Bumps or raised in the middle of the tongue

The location of bumps represents the location of energy blockage in the body. On the contrast, if there is dent, it means energy deficient. Both bumps and dents all represent the location of illness.

Tongue coating at the root of the tongue

The thickness of coating is the condition of energy or fluid in the body space.

The shape of the tongue

The shape of tongue includes the size, softness, width, and straightness. The size and softness of the tongue reflect the excess of energy or deficient energy inside the cells. And the width or narrow of the tongue indicate the energy flow in the body space.

The moisture of the tongue

The condition and distribution of fluid in the body is reflected on the tongue, if the tongue is moist, it means energy circulation is smooth. If the tongue is very damp, it means energy blockage in the San Jiao, it can affect the meridian, if it is too dry, means fluid deficiency in the body space.

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