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Powered Walking

Powered Walking In Dr. Guo’s Way

The US Department of Health found in 1996 that walking helped increase the number of years you live – even if you only began waling in your later year. Walking is a great exercise. Dr. Guo created an effective walking style to quickly increase your energy level, and help you obtain other benefits. Practice it at a brisk for 40 minutes per day. Once you stick with this walking style, several months or years from now, you will truly wonder all benefits are coming to you.

Why Practice

Walking is the most-recommended exercise. It is a simple way to keep you in shape and maintain good health. Guo’s style is more effective walking – because

1— It increases innate energy power. The sufficient innate energy represents the whole body physical strength is improved. Also the immune system is more capable. This is the medical results as well.

2— It relieves and prevents constipation. The mark of aging is the loose abdominal muscle and more belly fat. It means the intestine are less energy and active. The worse situation is that much more excreta cannot excrete at the first time and leave in the intestine for a long time. This will produce poison and decrease the function performance of the intestine. And it faster the aging of the body. Guo’s style walking helps intestine moving and reach the aim of preventing constipation.

3— It purifies lungs. Lungs control the energy distribution through breath. The activities of inhale and exhale impact on blood circulation. As long as lungs are in the healthy condition, blood circulation will be smooth.

4— It lessens stress. Walking generates the production of endorphins, which are a natural tranquilizer. Also it helps you put more attention on your inner harmony and catching your inspiration.

5— It promotes energy circulation. Opening-up shoulder blade creates smooth pathway for energy flowing from the San Jiao to the Back Jiao.

Tips on the Walking Technique

Close your mouth, keep lips relaxed. Put your tongue touch upper jaw slightly.

Shoulders, head and eyes

1. Keep your shoulder relaxed.
2. When you spend up your arm swing, lift up shoulders as higher as you can. You can imagine the shoulders are touching the ears.
3. Head should be upright, eyes looking forward.

Arm work

1. Keep your hands relaxed.
2. Swing your arms forward and back and keep them close to your body. Your hands should not cross the midline of your body with one palm face to the navel area (Dan Tian), the other one face to the kidney area (Ming Men).
3. Keep your finger tips point to your body.
4. Keep your elbows at 90 degrees.


Keep your torso upright. Leaning forward or back will slow down the energy production and circulation.


1. Walk heel to toe and not flatfooted.
2. Contact the ground with your heel.
3. Roll the foot forward over the centre of your foot.
4. Push off with your toes.


Walking produce upward energy through the tight to the Lower Jiao area, stimulating the Hui Yin area which is the energy manufacturer for the body.


1. A common mistake for beginners is trying to walk fast. Just walk naturally with swinging your arm. During 40 minutes walking, there is no thinking, no concentration, no speed.
2. Several days and weeks walking, you are gaining more energy and walking fast unconsciously.

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