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Fire-Touch Therapy

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Guo’s Fire-Touch Therapy

The Fire-Touch therapy stimulates energy points and pathways softly and non-invasively through the skin without the use of needles to achieve therapeutic Benefits. The application of flaming medicated wine to massage several main parts of the body, such as the head, right shoulder blade area and feet stimulates energy metabolism.

Fire-Touch Head:

Fire-Touch Area: The back side of head, including the acupuncture points of Bai Hui (GV20),Feng Fu (GU16), Ya Men (GV15), Feng Chi (GB20)

Why It Is Important: Yang energy is gathering here, balance energy distribution in the whole body.

How It Works : It relieves the high energy pressure or density

What Are The Benefits:

1. To stimulate various driving forces: Dan Tian Driving Force, Diaphragm Driving Force, Shan
  Zhong Driving Force.

2. To promote the energy circulation of The Cyclical Revolution.

3. According to various body conditions, some will get better result with steaming head after fire.

Fire-Touch shoulder blade:

Fire-Touch Area: he whole area of right shoulder blade, especially the gap at joint with the ribs.

Why It Is Important: with the respiration system to connect the nature, exchange and renew energy for the body.

How It Works : To create an exit for the accumulated energy,

What Are The Benefits:

To promote the energy in Upper Jiao move from shoulder blade to the Back Jiao, then downward energy can collide kidney area to stimulate the Ming Men driving force.

Fire coccyx:

Fire-Touch Area: on the lower back side

Why It Is Important:the connected point of Ren and Du Meridian

How It Works : reduce the energy pressure and density to create the pressure difference between with the upper Back Jiao

What Are The Benefits:

To promote and accelerate the energy movement from Du meridian to Ren meridian through Hui Yin (CV1).

Fire-Touch feet:

Fire-Touch Area: foot and calf

Why It Is Important:foot is treated as second heart in the body

How It Works : external power push energy move upward

What Are The Benefits:

To stimulate and promote the energy to flow freely from Du meridian to Ren Meridian through the Hui Yin (CV1) area, during the process, energy in the spinal column becomes reinforced and strengthens 'pinal cord' through which the energy can flow to and nourish the brain.

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