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Fire-Touch Therapy

Inner Harmony

The target of BSM treatment is to stimulate the cellular vibration. A cell is the smallest functional unit of the body. All organs, extremities, skin, tendon, bone and flesh are composed of cells. Cells constantly vibrate, expanding and contracting. When the cellular vibration is normal, the energy will flow smoothly in every part of every body systems: skin, bones internal organs etc.. So when cell’s expansion and contraction is strong and adequate, body will be flexible and healthy. Thereby the key aspect of healing is to promote cellular vibration, that is activating healthy cell’s expansion and contraction.

Fire-Touch, Energy Massage and Inner Harmony are series of clinical treatments to maintain or achieve better cellular vibration. It works on the areas of head, shoulder blade, tailbone and feet. Using medicated wine work on these areas in the pathway of the Cyclical Revolution, blue flame is place on the top of several layers of dry and damp towels, also can directly get in touch with skin. The heat is tolerable, just enough to stimulate energy flowing within the body space. The warmth and glow of fire aid penetration and delivery of the heat and herbal energy to achieve total body wellness.

The series of treatments effectively deliver revitalizing energy to reach the entire body through the head, shoulder blade, tailbone and feet. Dramatically improves microvascular circulation, improves tissue fluid exchange, oxygenation of cells, promotes substance and energy transformation within basal cell layer, stimulate cellular vibration to trigger vital homeostatic mechanisms---the Cyclical Revolution, resulting in renewed radiance and a profound sense of inner balance.

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