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Body Space Medicine is a new medical science that builds on the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, combining it with the application of anatomical knowledge from the western medicine. The powerful healing emphasizes the transformation between substance and energy within the human body space – and it’s all based on the guiding principle that energy stagnation in the body spaces is the root cause of all illness.

Cell Theory

Body Space Medicine is built on a foundation of ancient theories, incorporating modern concepts such as cytology theory as well. All illnesses, regardless of cause or origin, ultimately affect the body at the cellular level. In Dr Guo’s clinical practice, cells’ activities–the transformation between substance and energy inside and outside cell are being focused.

Each cell is a self-contained unit of life. It consists of various substances, such as fluid, protein, and genetic material. Like all life forms, cells breathe, produce energy, carry out specialized functions and excrete waste.

A cell generates energy through its constant vibration, expansion and contraction outward toward the cell membrane. When cells expand, cell substance undergoes biochemical changes and generates energy which is then released outward from the cell through the membrane – in this way substance transforms into energy. When cells contract, energy/substance around them is absorbed into the cells and transformed into various substances – in this way energy transforms into substance.

Substance within the cell and energy outside the cell are constantly in a flux state of transformation. Abnormal transformation results in a blockage of substance and energy and a high density in the human body space. This high-density energy and substance blockage is the cause of various illnesses.

The functions of a cell including digesting, absorbing, and storing nutrients, depends upon constant cellular vibration. The cellular vibration in turn affects the transformation between substance and energy, and the circulation of energy in the body spaces.

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