Tongue Case Study

Case One

Case two

Name: Jian Ru Cao
Sex: Female
Age: 39
Symptoms: cold and dizziness of head, heart flusters, painful elbow and waist.
Diagnosis: hyperplasia of neck vertebra (cervical)
Stool: 1×/ day, form
Consultation Date: March 10, 2007

Description of Tongue body

  • A depressed tip of tongue indicates insufficient energy in the heart area.
  • A thick and hard tip of tongue indicates deficient and stagnant energy in the heart area.
  • A small, hard and thick tongue (a) within the tongue body – often described as a tongue within the tongue or a double tongue - indicates matter stagnation within the cells. This causes not only deficient energy in San Jiao but also non smooth energy flow.
  • Narrow, hard and thick Upper Jiao; wide, hard and thick Middle and Lower Jiao: these characteristics indicate matter stagnation in Upper Jiao. Consequently, transformation between matter inside the cells (intracelluar) and energy outside the cells (extracellular) become imbalanced. Energy in Upper Jiao is the driving force for energy flow in Middle and Lower Jiao and a deficient energy in the Upper Jiao causes abnormal transformation between matter and energy in Middle and Lower Jiao.
  • Dark purple tongue indicates matter stagnation inside cells and the blood circulation is poor and stagnated.

Descriptions of Tongue coating

  • The small tongue (a) has slight yellow and greasy coating, indicates a chronic condition of energy blockage in the body space and this generate heat.
  • Dry tongue coating indicates insufficient energy flow in the body space.

BSM Analysis and Discussion

  • A clear small tongue (a) indicates matter stagnation inside of the cells causing abnormal transformation between matter and energy in San Jiao area.
  • This is a headstand triangular shaped tongue. It indicates a sudden narrowing of energy pathway cause by an excess heat in Upper Jiao area. Matter stagnation in the heart cells result in deficient energy around heart. That is why the patient has heart flusters.
  • Both intracellular matter stagnation and extracellular energy blockage can cause abnormal transformation between matter and energy. When the body space is blocked, energy cannot flow freely as a river not bale to flow to the ocean and becomes polluted.
  • A tip of tongue represents the heart area and BSM views this part as a portal of entry for energy flow from the San Jiao to Wai jiao. Dissipating the stagnated energy at the tip of tongue is the key point to promote the energy flow freely from San Jiao to Wai Jiao. The energy collides Ming Men area to increase the driving force for Gong Zhuan circulation.

BSM Formula

Gong Ying 2g  Du Huo 5g  Pei Lan 1g  Shi Chang Pu 7g  Gui Zhi 1g

Explanation of formula

  • Gong Ying: To promote the energy movement in the front part (ventral aspect) of body space. A dosage of 2 grams can promote energy in San Jiao, especially makes energy to collide Upper Jiao and to dissipate stagnated energy at heart area.
  • Du Huo:To lead energy flow from head to toes. Du Huo 5 grams can lead energy flow from head to coccyx to promote coccyx driving force. Therefore energy can flow freely from Du to Ren meridian creating a smooth Gong Zhuan flow.
  • Pei Lan: To absorb the fluid vapor from the energy in the body space promoting a removal pollution from the body space.
  • Shi Chang Pu: 4. Shi Chang Pu:To reduce energy density and pressure in the space around right atria and ventricle so that it promotes renewed energy flow to the head.
    Shi Chang Pu 7 grams can dissipate energy blockage from Shan Zhong by transferring the energy to Wai Jiao via Gong Zhuan path. Then the downward energy flow n Gong Zhuan collides at kidney area to stimulate original Qi and thereby nourishing the brain.
  • Gui Zhi: To open the cell membrane, making sure of balanced transformation from matter inside cells and energy outside cell and vice versa.

Other Treatments

Note: IHT: Inner Harmony Therapy

  • Shaking feet: To quickly stimulate the original body driving force, and promote the energy from toe to head, result in smooth Gong Zhuan.
  • Fire-touch shoulder blade: To create an exit for the accumulated energy, promote the energy in Upper Jiao move from shoulder blade to the Wai Jiao, then downward energy can collide kidney area to stimulate the Ming Men driving force.
  • Fire-touch head and steam head: To stimulate various driving force: Dan Tian Driving Force, Diaphragm Driving Force and Shan Zhong Driving Force, and to promote the energy circulation of Gong Zhuan.
  • Fire-touch feet Massage & Fire Feet: To stimulate and promote the energy to flow freely from Du meridian to Ren Meridian through the Hui Yin area, during the process, energy in the spine column becomes reinforced and strengthens “spinal cord” through which the energy can flow to and nourish the brain.
  • Inner harmony therapy: To stimulate and promote cellular function and purify polluted body space, resulting in strengthening the body, purifying the soul and advancing the mind.

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