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Space Is Everywhere

Adopt the concept of 'Space' in the universe, space is everywhere including the 'solid' substance, such as the hard rock. There is nowhere without space. The human body is not a solid entity. It is same as nature that has all kinds of spaces.

Two Types Of Spaces In The Body

In 1982, Dr. Guo claimed that human body had two types of spaces:

The small space, which is the space between cells

The large space, which is the space between organs

Within the body, there are four big spaces between the organs: Upper Jiao, Middle Jiao, Lower Jiao and Back Jiao.

Upper Jiao

The body space above the diaphragm, including the neck and head.

Middle Jiao

The body space between the diaphragm and the level of the navel.

Lower Jiao

The body space below the navel down through the genitalia.

Back Jiao

A large space located in front of the entire spine, which encompasses the space in front of the spine and the back of the ribs, and also includes the spaces in the brain, chest and abdominal cavity.

Functions And Relationships Of Four Large Spaces

Four large body spaces are the main energy pathways for ascending, descending, entering and exiting between the internal organs. San Jiao includes Upper Jiao, Middle Jiao, Lower Jiao and belongs to the frontal body space.

Upper Jiao

It is the connection site between the frontal body space and Back Jiao. The only body space that is able to connect with the external environment through inhale and exhale.

Middle Jiao

It is the general regulator of the ascending, descending, entering and existing of energy in the body.

Lower Jiao

It is a factory of body energy manufacture, a place for preserving driving force that can stimulate energy moving and changing.

Back Jiao

It is a site for absorbing excessive energy from the San Jiao, mix with exogenous energy to create new and fresh energy and convey them to nourish all organs.

To understanding the relationships among the large body spaces, assume Back Jiao as the ocean and San Jiao as lake or river which flows to the ocean.

Functions And Relationships Of Four Large Spaces

As energy radiates from the transformation of cell substance, it moves in the spaces between cells and between organs. The energy tends to move in a relatively regular pattern, with a specific direction and force. Illnesses will occur if the direction of movement is abnormal or the force of movement is too weak or too strong.

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