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Water is essential for any life being. About 70% of a typical adult’s body consists of water or fluid. Body fluid here refers to all kinds of fluids in the body, including both invisible and tangible substances such as energy, blood, saliva, sweat, urine, serving as an assistance of body function performance.

The body fluid just as liquid has three different forms, steam, water and ice, there exists three different states of fluid in the human body. Energy can be seen as steam, blood and saliva can be seen as liquid water, and various tumors can be seemed as solid ice as well. In this way, the pathological aspects of disease can be seemed as fluid issues in the body.

BSM states that body fluid balance is vital for restoring and maintaining health, because the imbalance body fluid will build up the toxic chemical waste. Until the toxic waste become stagnant, and it will produce garbage in the environment of cell in the body. The Chinese Saint said the flowing river is never get stench. Dr. Guo said the imbalance of fluid distribution and stagnation is the root cause of all illnesses.

If fluid accumulates inside cell, symptoms such as inflammation, cirrhosis, tumor could be occurred in any part of body. If fluid accumulates outside cell without transforming on time, cancer would be unavoidable. Research with thousands of clinical cases, fluid stagnation in the blood vessel can cause myocardial infarction, lung infarction, arterial thrombus and phlebothrombosis; fluid stagnation in skin, muscle, bone, join and private part, can cause skin inflammation, muscle tight, arthritis respectively.

Heart failure and lung infection are two normal clinical factors happened on patients at the last minutes of their lives. Phlegm block in the bronchia and windpipe cause lung infection. Epistom block in the heart blood vessel cause heart failure. Phlegm and Epistom are one kind of forms of fluid.

Dr. Guo highlighted the importance of body fluid as follow:

The origin of life is in the fluid

Amniotic fluid surrounds the fetus during pregnancy, serving as protection and materials medium.

The potential life-threatened killer—fluid stagnation

Clinical research statistic reported that the highest rate of patients’ death is heart failure and lung infection. As we know the heart failure and lung infection are caused by fluid stagnation .

Abnormal fluid distribution is the root cause of various illnesses.

Body fluid is the water of life, knowing about how to balance and adjust the body fluid distribution is the way to be an experiential clinician.

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