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Dr. Zhi Chen Guo, an inspiring innovator and extraordinary Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, was born in China in 1943. He began practicing medicine at age of 16. His first clinical case was a patient suffering from phlebitis, a kind of terminal illnesses. After successfully guiding the patient to recovery, Dr. Guo became renowned in his hometown, and was named 'Little Divine Healer'

In 1984, Dr. Guo founded the first qi gong healing clinic in Shijiazhuang. In 1986, he founded the first qi gong institue in China, where he accepted patients and students from all across China. For this, the city of Shijiazhuang officially honored him as a pioneering educator. The year 1993 marked the establishment of Guo Zhi Chen Sanitarium (now rename as Zheng Ding Health Care Centre) in Zheng Ding Shijiazhuang City.

Dr. Guo and his personally trained staff have treated hundreds of thousands of patients at the sanitarium. Within a few years, more than 10,000 patients visited the sanitarium. Dr. Guo’s powerful work was spotlighted in the PBS documentary, Qi Gong: Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st.

In 1991, combining his clinical experience, cultivating and maintaining health experience and Xiu Lan practice, Dr. Guo create thed breakthrough medical system, Zhi Neng Medicine. With further research in the clinical practice, he then created a new practical medicine system Body Space Medicine, which is simpler and easier to grasp, and is based on concepts of the Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, Zhi Neng Medicine and cytology of CWM.

Dr. Guo did tremendous researches in heart and circulatory system disease (i.e. cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, phlebitis etc.), hemiplegia due to traffic accident, incretion disease, diabetes and uremia, especially he has made a breakthrough in various first and second stage cancer, and reduced the pain and prolong life for the last stage cancer.

Dr. Guo has clinical experiences in internal medicine, gynecology, pedology, especially in herbal remedies. Based on the inheriting and developing the essence of TCM, he discovered the new uses of common herbs, which expand the range of illness treatment possibility.

In Nov. 2007, he was invited to participate the 4th International Integrative Conference, Expanding Horizons in Collaborative Cance Care in San Fransico. The abstract submission entitled Body Space Medicine In Treating Cancer. Best Cases Review Study was accepted by the Society for Integrative Oncology.

1997: Honorary Doctor of American Academy of World Traditinal Medical Science
1997: Assistant Editor of Grand System of World Traditional Medicine Journal BeiJing, China
1998: Visiting Professor of Institute of World Traditional Medicine, California, U.S.A.
1998: Member of International Society of Licensed Chinese Doctors (ISLCD)
2003: Credited with containing the SARS epidemic with Body Space Medicine
2006: Honorary Professor, Canadian Institute of CAM Research
2006: Press Reporter of Chinese Business Man Journal

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