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Chinese herbs are major healing tools in TCM. The main properties of Chinese herbs are Four qi (flavors) and Five wei (tastes) which are some kinds of energy with different characters. BSM points out that body space is place where Four qi and Five Wei take actions and that qi and Wei of herbs are the regulators of ascending, descending, floating and sinking of human body energy. Each herb has its own qi and Wei different from those the other.

The Chinese herbs used in Body Space Medicine are very safe and with very little known toxicity when used in the low dosages prescribed in the herb formulas. However the chosen herbs do have an energetic effect on the body. The effects of herbs improve the change of local space energy density, thus resulting in the functional enhancement of zang-fu organs and meridians and collaterals. BSM adjusts and makes a recovery of human function through utilizing the changes in herbs’ qi and wei.

BSM use a very small selection of Chinese herbs to treat illness and health conditions. Only six key herbs, called Master Herbs, are chosen from thousands of herbs in the Chinese herb compendium.

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